Amazon Builds on Multi-Agent Vision as Verizon Leverages Alexa Custom Assistant Technology

Tracy Allen Aug 18, 2021
Alexa for Business

Voice technology has started delivering truly ambient experiences, where a customer isn’t tethered to a single device or even a single voice service. While we’re always thinking about how to innovate and improve Alexa, we see a world with plenty of room for other voice services to succeed. We believe there will be many winners in ambient technology - that the world will evolve to have many voice assistants, each with unique strengths and competencies.  To provide choice and flexibility, makers of voice-enabled devices can create multi-agent experiences that allow customers to have the option to use whichever voice assistant(s) they prefer simultaneously – this way, customers can choose the assistant that provides the capabilities they want in ways best suited to their individual needs. We think that’s a win all around.


Nearly two years ago, Amazon, along with leading technology companies, announced the Voice Interoperability Initiative (VII) which is committed to providing customers choice and flexibility to interact with multiple voice services simultaneously. The program now has almost 90 members working towards this vision.

Partnership That Delights Customers

Verizon, who was among the first 30 members to join Amazon in the VII, will soon be launching the Verizon Smart Display that leverages the recently announced Alexa Custom Assistant technology. The display will give Verizon customers more flexibility to oversee their broadband options. By using “Hi Verizon,” they can set up their service and manage their account. And with Alexa Custom Assistant, the Verizon Smart Display not only responds to “Hi Verizon” to manage their Verizon services, it also provides access to Alexa and all the great services that are integrated with it.  This smart display is a prime example of how device makers and developers are working from the customer backwards, and innovating to deliver voice experiences that are delightful, and solving real customer challenges.

In the Name of Innovation

The Verizon Smart Display, with Alexa Built-in, leveraged Alexa Custom Assistant, a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for any brand to create their own custom voice assistant built on Alexa technology, with a unique wake word, voice, personality, and capabilities when creating the Verizon Assistant.    

Amazon previously announced global automaker Stellantis as the launch customer for ACA, and has continued momentum since then with Qualcomm, Garmin, and Elektrobit and Continental announcing the first integration of ACA on a production vehicle. These suppliers and systems integrators serve a vital role enabling OEMs to build with Alexa technology like the are Alexa Custom Assistant and reducing the burden of long development times.

Partners are choosing to reduce the burden and cost of building their own voice assistant from the ground-up in favor of leveraging Alexa’s technology. With the Alexa Custom Assistant, partners can take advantage of Alexa technology, based on the latest understanding of spoken language and the AI-driven approach to conversational experiences, to create intelligent assistants tailored to their brand personality and customer needs. 


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