Alexa Startups Showcase: Six Startups Shaping the Future of Ambient Computing

Kellie Garnett Aug 09, 2021
Alexa Fund

The Alexa Fund assists innovative voice-based companies that are pushing the possibilities for sound. Alexa Startups manages the Alexa Fund’s portfolio of companies and works with startups on product innovation. Join Kamila Rakhimova, the Head of Alexa Startups and Venture Capital Business Development and Paul Bernard of Alexa Fund, who share the fascinating stories from six of these startups that are innovating with Alexa.

  • CLMBR, Avrum Elmakis, Co-Founder and CEO
    Reimagining a safe, efficient space-saving workout from home OR Innovating climbing as a safe, efficient exercise to all
  • Span, Arch Rao, Founder and CEO
    Making smart energy easier to integrate in your home
  • Voiceflow, Braden Ream, Founder and CEO
    Powering almost half a billion messages on Alexa alone
  • Syntiant, Kurt Busch, Co-Founder and CEO
    Building a new type of edge processor and tooling to make AI truly pervasive
  • Ome, Akshita Iyer, Founder and CEO
    Bringing peace of mind and automation to your kitchen
  • Endel, Oleg Stavitsky, Co-Founder and CEO and Max Zaytsev, Voice CPO
    Harnessing AI technology to help you focus, relax and sleep


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