11 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Alexa Live 2021

Kellie Garnett Jul 15, 2021
Alexa Live

On Wednesday, July 21, we’re kicking off the third-annual Alexa Live developer conference and we want you to be there. In fact, there are many reasons why developers, device makers, business decision makers, investors, and entrepreneurs should attend and help take their voice strategy to the next level.

  1. Alexa Live is all about learning, inspiration, and networking…and it’s virtual and free!
  2. Be the first to hear from Amazon leaders in a keynote presentation on the latest Alexa innovations.
  3. Attend deep dive sessions about updates across skill design, building personalized experiences, and growth and monetization opportunities.
  4. Learn how to leverage the latest Alexa innovations to help your industry increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.
  5. Explore the framework for creating meaningful on-device experiences for customers, like selecting the right combination of Alexa technologies and bringing the product to market.
  6. Watch the all-new Alexa Startups Showcase and get inspired by successful startups. Hear from founders at Clmbr, Endel, Ome, Span, Syntiant and Voiceflow, and learn how they are innovating with Alexa and helping shape the future of ambient computing.
  7. Have your questions answered LIVE by top Alexa experts.
  8. Join virtual networking sessions with other event attendees.
  9. Get access to all session recordings after the event.
  10. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a few people said about last year’s virtual event:
    • “This is an exciting glimpse into the direction of Alexa voice assistance. Becoming a far more natural, informative and engaging conversation. The logic required for this is enormously complex. #AlexaLive”
    • “I say every time, always interesting to see what a brand will highlight when talking about their products…”
    • “Amazon has all sorts of innovations at the ready, which should also make the work of skill developers easier – after all, the user also benefits when there are more skills.”
    • “oooooo tons of goodness coming out of @AlexaLive!”
  11. It’s easy to sign up. Register now for Alexa Live and help us build the future of ambient computing—together.