Access More than 2,500 New Sound Clips on the Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library to Build Delightful Skill Experience

June Lee Jun 21, 2019
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Today, we are excited to announce that you can access more than 2,500 new sound clips on the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Sound Library to build rich and engaging skill experiences that delight your customers. We have diverse sounds from more than 50 sound categories including animals, boats, doors, and sports. Additionally, you can use the new search bar and the smart filters to discover sound clips more quickly. The new sound clips and the search functionalities are available for developers in all locales starting today.

Delight Customers by Including Variety of Sounds in Your Skills

We first introduced the ASK Sound Library in March 2018, and made close to 400 sound clips from 14 categories available. Since launch, developers have incorporated the sound clips into skills, which was played for millions of times worldwide per month, creating delightful experience for customers. Based on the high demand, we decided to expand the ASK Sound Library selection to help you make your skill experience richer. As an example, you can easily create a rich and realistic background set up for your skills leveraging various ambience sounds imitating different spaces.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can use the sound clips. You can simply use any sound clip in your skill response by using <audio> SSML tag.

sound library code snippet

Find the Right Sound for Your Skill in Seconds Using the Smart Filters and the Search Functions

You can now discover the right sounds for your skills in seconds using the smart filters and the search bar. The ASK Sound Library also allows you to play the sound clips so you can preview them before deciding to use them in your skill response.

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We hope that you find the new sound clips in the ASK Sound Library useful to create richer, more engaging skill experience for your customers. Please share your feedback or request new sound clips through Alexa Skills - Developer Voice And Vote.