Gain Interaction Insights Using New Analytics in the ASK Developer Console

BJ Haberkorn Jun 25, 2018

Today we added interaction path analysis to the Analytics tab on the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Developer Console. Interaction path analysis shows aggregate skill usage patterns in a visual format, including which intents your customers use, in what order. This enables you to verify if customers are using the skill as expected, and to identify interactions where customers become blocked or commonly exit the skill. You can use insights gained from interaction path analysis to make your flow more natural, fix errors, and address unmet customer needs.

View Interaction Paths over Multiple Time Intervals

As shown in the example below, interaction path analysis provides a visual representation of the flow of users from the invocation of your skill to subsequent intents. In this example, most customers moved from LaunchRequest to Intent1. A smaller segment invoked Intent2 instead. Interaction path analysis shows both custom intents and built-in intents, such as AMAZON.StopIntent and AMAZON.HelpIntent.

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You can find information on interaction path and other skill metrics in our Analytics documentation.

Find Interaction Path and Other Tools Easily with Updated Developer Console Navigation

Last week we announced new validation and functional tests to help you certify skills faster, and updated the navigation in the developer console. The developer console now includes five tabs:

  • Use the Build page to set up your skill, configure settings specific to the interaction model, and specify the endpoints for your service.
  • Use the Test page to access the simulator and other tools to help you test your skill.
  • Use the Distribution page to preview how your skill will appear in the skill store and determine the skill's availability.
  • Use the Certification page to verify that your skill is ready, then submit it for certification.
  • Use the Analytics page to see usage metrics for a skill. This dashboard can give you useful information about how customers are using your skill, including the interaction path analysis described above.

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