Lamborghini launches the first vehicle with Alexa-enabled car control: An Interview with Filippo Moretti, Connectivity Product Marketing Lamborghini, Fabrizio Branchesi, Connectivity Development Engineer Lamborghini and Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist, Alexa Auto

Arianne Walker Mar 31, 2021
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Alexa’s car control allows drivers to use their voice to do things like turn on seat heaters, change the temperature in the vehicle, and more, all while keeping their eyes on the road ahead. Lamborghini is the first brand to bring that capability to their customers in their Huracán EVO. Let’s hear more about the process with Filippo Moretti, Connectivity Product Marketing and Fabrizio Branchesi, Connectivity Development Engineer.

Walker: Tell us a little about the launch on March 31.  

Moretti: The Lamborghini Huracán EVO is the first vehicle in the world to integrate comprehensive car control with Alexa,supporting climate and comfort settings including air conditioning, heater, fan speed, temperature, seat heaters, defroster and air flow direction, as well as lighting, and vehicle dynamics.  

Walker: The vehicle dynamics piece is unique for Lamborghini. Can you share more of those details?

Branchesi: Yes, one of the things that makes the Alexa integration special on the Huracán EVO AWD is access to driving dynamics features as the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata). You can simply say, ‘’Alexa, show me my dynamic coordinator,’’ and the LDVI page will open in the central screen, accessing the ‘brain’ of the EVO. Through the LDVI it is possible to have real time feedback on driving dynamics technologies such as torque vectoring, Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS), and traction control behavior, depending on the driving style, the driving mode selected, and the external environment.




Walker: All of that is in addition to the things that vehicle owners have come to expect from Alexa.

Branchesi: Yes, our drivers and passengers can also use their voice for navigation, entertainment, connecting to the smart home, and more. And, Lamborghini Connect makes it easy to update all of the Alexa functionalities over time through periodic over the air software updates. This allows Lamborghini and Amazon to continuously extend and improve the functionalities offered to Lamborghini customers.

Walker: Where will the vehicles with Alexa be available?

Branchesi: The Huracán EVO with Alexa embedded is available in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK, US, Canada. The offer will be expanded in more markets in upcoming months in order to increase the number of customers that will have access.

Walker: Why was it important to you to bring Alexa to the Huracán EVO?

Moretti: We aimed to shape the future of the super sports car driving experience. Making Alexa available in our vehicles brings a premium voice experience into the greatest car in the world.

Walker: What is the value that this integration brings to your customers?

Moretti: Thanks to Alexa, the Huracán EVO’s advanced HMI system reaches a level of functionality never experienced before, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy their ride in their Lamborghini while reducing distraction.

Walker: What’s next?

Moretti: The strategic collaboration between Amazon and Lamborghini is just getting started. Shortly, we will expand the Alexa offering in terms of capabilities, performance, countries and language availability. After that, we will focus on other disruptive innovations aimed to leverage the fun to drive among every moment of Lamborghini customer experience.

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