General Motors and Alexa: An Interview Between Santiago Chamorro, VP of Global Connected Services at General Motors and Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto

Arianne Walker Aug 14, 2020
Automotive Alexa Built-in Vehicles

Walker: Can you tell us a bit about the launch?

Chamorro: On June 17, 2020 General Motors initiated the broadest roll out of Alexa Built-In of any automaker. We are so excited that we can offer a unique and fully integrated Alexa Built-In experience in the vehicle in more than thirty select models across the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands. In addition to new vehicles, Alexa will also be available for approximately one million 2018, 2019, and 2020 Model Year GM vehicles already on the road with the new generation infotainment system.

Walker: How do customers get Alexa in their vehicles?

Chamorro: For capable vehicles, model years 2018 and newer in the United States and Canada, with a data subscription, customers can simply select Alexa on the infotainment screen or swipe to find the Apps icon to download the Alexa app.  For more information on plan availability, click here.

Walker: What does Alexa allow customers to do in GM vehicles?

Chamorro: Thanks to our world-class GM engineering team, our customers will have access to a product that elevates their driving experience while making it even easier and more productive with Alexa Built-in. With our GM unique application, Alexa will be fully integrated with our vehicles and designed to work seamlessly with compatible navigation systems, radio stations, and Bluetooth connected phones. This means that customers will be able to ask Alexa for directions and have them sent directly to their embedded navigation screen, change their radio stations including SiriusXM, make a call, and, in the near future, access other in-vehicle apps. Customers will also be able to access Alexa features like they do at home. For example, they can add items to their shopping or to-do list, check on Amazon deliveries, stream their favorite audio, play games, and perform thousands of other enabled skills. Also, for the first time in GM vehicles, customers will be able to control their smart home technology from the road. For customers who pair Alexa with their smart home devices, asking Alexa will enable them to turn on lights, adjust the temperature, unlock doors, and perform vehicle-related tasks such as opening and closing their garage door.

Walker:  Why was bringing Alexa into your vehicles important for General Motors?

Chamorro: We’re so proud to bring this cutting- edge technology to our vehicles with Alexa Built-in, because this type of innovative technology excites our customers and makes our vehicles smarter, more personalized, convenient and safe.

Walker: What excites you the most about this roll out?

Chamorro: Another step to make life easier for our customers.  Alexa also offers us the capability to build unique GM skills. For example, we are building skills to search for a dealer, schedule an appointment, and even provide customers with GM dealer information when they search for vehicle service.  And we will continue to add new skills and capabilities in the future.

Walker: Thanks for taking the time with us. Click here for more information about General Motors and Alexa. 

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