IOttie and Alexa: An Interview between Eric Kang, Vice President, iOttie and Arianne Walker, Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto

Arianne Walker Dec 03, 2020
Automotive Aftermarket

Walker: We are very excited about the launch of Alexa with iOttie’s Aivo Connect. Can you tell us the details of what was just launched?

Kang: On December 3, 2020 the Aivo Connect launched in the United States with Alexa Built-in. The Aivo Connect is our most technologically advanced phone mount. The phone mount is Qi certified for incredibly fast wireless charging, has MFi technology for great connectivity, and has automatic sense technology that includes an IR proximity sensor for auto-clamping arms to make it easy for customers to place a phone in the mount with just one hand. And, of course, it has Alexa, along with a 360-degree LED ring to make it easy to know when Alexa is engaged.

Walker: Each Alexa integration is a little bit unique. What is unique about Alexa in the Aivo Connect?

Kang:  In addition to the breadth of Alexa features and skills, the Aivo Connect phone mount is the perfect accessory for Auto Mode in the Alexa app, making it easy for customers to glance at the driver-friendly display as a companion to the voice forward Alexa experience. By placing a phone into the Aivo Connect, customers can easily see the large visuals in Auto Mode providing a supplemental view when customers ask Alexa for directions, music and podcast information, or when making a phone call, all without having to take their hands off the wheel.

Walker: Why was it important to you to integrate Alexa into the Aivo?

Kang: Behind every product we create, iOttie’s mission is to challenge ourselves to develop products that simplify life for everyone. Alexa brings this mission to another level. It gives our customers the opportunity to access the tens of thousands of the Alexa skills on the road while allowing them to stay focused on the road ahead and keep their hands on the wheel, simplifying their lives while providing a connected car experience to our customers. By working with the Alexa Auto team we’re leveraging the Alexa technology and providing a technologically advanced experience without having to break the budget.

Walker: What was the integration process like?

Kang: It was incredibly easy to integrate the Alexa Mobile Accessories Skills Kit. Here at iOttie one of our main pillars in every product development idea is innovation. We want to always introduce the most innovative technology to our customers, and we felt with the integration of the Alexa Mobile Accessories Skills Kit to the Aivo Connect did just that. An elevated user experience is what drives each and every product idea at iOttie and we couldn’t be more excited to continue to work with the Alexa Auto team.

Walker: What will your customers be most excited about?

Kang: By having Alexa built into the Aivo Connect we truly feel it will elevate the user experience. We’re making emerging technologies like Alexa, wireless charging, automatic mounting and much more available at an affordable price point. The convenience of having a voice activated technology like Alexa at your fingertips allows drivers to have a driving experience that makes it easy for to connect to music, navigation, calling, texting. But, it doesn’t end there. We also think that our customers will be really excited about great features like Auto Mode, which turns the phone into a smart, driver-friendly display that enhances Alexa's in-vehicle voice experience; or the pay for gas integration, which allows Alexa customers to pull up to an ExxonMobile station in the US and ask Alexa to pay for gas.

Walker: And what are you most excited about?

Kang: Here at iOttie, our expertise is creating quality hardware devices. With our history of hardware development and now extensive software development with the help of the Alexa integration and the Alexa Auto team, we feel like this will take the user experience to a whole new level. We’re thrilled to deliver an unparalleled user experience to a whole new level.

Walker: How can customers purchase the device?

Kang: Customers can purchase the iOttie Aivo Connect with Alexa Built-in directly from Amazon.

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