All-new Auto Mode allows developers of Alexa Auto accessories to add a driver-friendly companion visual interface for Alexa in the vehicle

Mark Dipko Oct 01, 2020
Aftermarket Automotive Product Launches AMA Kit Vehicles

Today, we announced the availability of Auto Mode, a new feature of the Alexa app that is designed to enhance the Alexa experience for automotive accessories built using the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit. Auto Mode allows developers of these accessories to deliver a multimodal Alexa experience for their customers, increasing their desirability.

Auto Mode uses the customer’s smartphone as a companion visual interface to compliment the Alexa voice experience in the vehicle, and can only be accessed when paired to a compatible Alexa auto device. Auto Mode’s simplified visual interface addresses the three most common in-vehicle domains of navigation, communication, and entertainment, providing glanceable information, large touch zone controls, and shortcuts to simplify routine tasks to make it easier to interact with Alexa and help the driver stay focused on the road. Favorites and frequently used information are surfaced to provide shortcuts for everyday tasks and hints encourage feature discovery. The combination of Auto Mode and a supported Alexa Auto accessory provides a convenient, delightful, voice-first  experience for customers, while allowing them to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

Auto Mode is rolling out in the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, India, Australia and New Zealand and is supported on Android version 7 and above, and iOS version 13.1.2 and above.  

To learn more about Auto Mode, refer to the blog post in the Alexa Features page.

Click here to learn more about integrating Amazon Alexa into your vehicle or aftermarket devices. 

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