Developer Console

Components of SSI

The following components are used to enable Simple Sign-in for your apps. Out of these, “Your servers” and “Your apps” are in your control and you own the changes required in those components.

  • Simple Sign-in client: An on-device component owned by Amazon that handles Simple Sign-in related messages to and from your app.
  • Simple Sign-in server: The backend service hosted on the Amazon cloud where Simple Sign-in data for your apps are stored. It provides APIs to store, access, and manage Simple Sign-in data.
  • Appstore SDK: Amazon APIs to integrate your app with Simple Sign-in are available as part of the Appstore SDK. Communication with the Simple Sign-in client and server for your apps is managed internally by the SDK APIs and abstracted from your apps.
  • Your server: Refers to the collections of app server endpoints for the business logic for your app sign-in flow. You will update these endpoints, or create new endpoints, to handle Simple Sign-in related aspects such as generation and validation of account linking tokens.
  • Your app: Your app or apps need to integrate with the Simple Sign-in APIs, and the code required for sign-in must be modified to incorporate the Simple Sign-in features.

Last updated: Mar 13, 2023