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Test your app

Amazon developer tools allow you to easily test your apps for compatibility, monetization, and engagement.

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App testing service

Drag and drop your Android APK onto the App Testing Service to see if your Fire TV or tablet app is compatible with Amazon. Over 75% of Android apps work with no additional development work.

Live app testing

Beta testers have access to the full suite of Amazon services in the production environment, so you can ensure that your app is working as expected, allowing you to improve quality, increase stability, and optimize user experience before pushing your app live. Test your app

Web App/HTML5 test

See how your HTML5/Web App or mobile-optimized website performs on a Fire TV, Fire tablets, or other Android devices.

In-App purchasing (IAP)

Amazon provides several tools and services to help you test your In-App Purchasing (IAP) implementation:

App tester allows you to test monetization features in your app.

Receipt verification service (RVS) validates purchases from your server in both sandbox and production environments.

The IAP testing process differs from other Amazon testing tools. Read the step-by-step guide

A list of available IAP plugins are available for popular development platforms, like Android and Unity. Get the APIs

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