Developer Console

App testing tools and services

Easily test your apps for compatibility, engagement, and monetization.

Amazon Appstore offers you the tools to test your app compatibility and functionality. Choose from the following resources depending on your app features and development journey. 

Live App Testing

Use Live App Testing to invite a set of users to test your app, collect early valuable feedback, and optimize experience before publishing.

Quality reach

Test your app in production

No need to wait until launch to get user feedback. Let select users test your app against Amazon's production environment.

unique ways

Select and add testers

Easily add testers by individual email address(es) or in groups. Amazon ensures that only the users you select test your app.

Pain free publishing

Test on all devices

Test your app on all Android and Amazon devices, including Fire TV and Fire tablets.

In-app-purchasing (IAP) testing

Test the in-app monetization features of your app before publishing.

Live App Testing

Test the integration locally

Quickly test your IAP integration in a local sandbox environment using the IAP App Tester tool.

RVS Cloud Sandbox

Validate purchase receipts

Verify receipts generated by the App Tester testing tool using the Receipt Verification Service (RVS) Cloud Sandbox.


Test final purchase flow

Test your IAP integration in the production environment with a restricted set of testers using Live App Testing.

Messaging integration testing

Conveniently test Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) and A3L Messaging SDK integrations. Send test messages to your app using the Amazon Developer Console.


Testing consoles

Testing your integration using the ADM or Firebase consoles.


Server-side scripts

Send test notifications to an integrated device using server-side scripts

Live App Testing beta

Beta test in production

Use Live App Testing to beta test your messaging integration on Amazon devices in production.