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App Testing Tools | Amazon Appstore Developer Portal

App testing tools and services

Easily test your apps for compatibility, engagement, and monetization.

App compatibility testing

Check the compatibility of your app before submitting it to Amazon Appstore.

Guided workflows

Answer a few questions to get a compatibility report for porting your Android app to Amazon Appstore. Learn more

Web apps

Evaluate your HTML5 web app or mobile-optimized website using Web App Tester for Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets.

Live App Testing

Use Live App Testing to invite a set of users to test your app, collect early valuable feedback, and optimize experience before publishing.

Quality reach

Test your app in production

No need to wait until launch to get user feedback. Let select users test your app against Amazon's production environment.

unique ways

Select and add testers

Easily add testers by individual email address(es) or in groups. Amazon ensures that only the users you select test your app.

Pain free publishing

Test on all devices

Test your app on all Android and Amazon devices, including Fire TV and Fire tablets.

In-app-purchasing (IAP) testing

Test the in-app monetization features of your app before publishing using the IAP App Tester tool.

Quality reach

Test purchase flow

Ensure a seamless purchase flow and positive user experience.

unique ways

Test purchasing scenarios

Implement and test logic for all IAP scenarios, such as digital goods and subscriptions.

Pain free publishing

Validate in-app purchases

Once published, test transactions from the client to your server to validate purchases. Use the Receipt Verification Service (RVS) to validate purchases in both sandbox and production environments.

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