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Mobile Ads

Monetize your global iOS, Android, and Fire OS traffic with high-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers.


Important: The Amazon Mobile Ads Network was deprecated on September 30, 2021.

Interested in monetizing your mobile ads with Amazon?  Learn more about Amazon Publisher Services below.  

Interested in monetizing your apps with in-app bidding?

With the sunset of the Amazon Mobile Ads Network, we invite developers to learn more about monetizing your apps with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). Simplify your monetization strategy through in-app bidding, where a single APS SDK provides access to unique Amazon demand and additional buyers. Buyers compete for your inventory, helping improve CPMs and increase revenue.
Learn more and see if you qualify

Increase revenue

Add demand partners via Amazon Publisher Services to compete in parallel, alongside your waterfall.

Unique Amazon demand

Access advertising campaigns from Amazon and the Amazon DSP.

Eliminate tech tax

No fee for publishers, and a nominal $0.01 CPM charged to bidders on Transparent Ad Marketplace.