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Enhancing your app testing and submission experience

Diana Stansfield Oct 12, 2023

Testing and submitting apps in the Amazon Appstore just got easier. We’ve made changes in an effort to reduce the average time needed for testing and submitting your app, and simplified the UI to provide more intuitive workflows.


Less time to test and submit your app

To reduce the steps for testing your app, the Live App Testing (LAT) experience has been consolidated into a single page view in place of the previous six-tab workflow. We also made it easier to copy metadata from previous LATs (or directly from the live version of your app) to eliminate repetitive data entry.

Submission is reduced from six to four steps and involves less manual data entry. Your app manifest information is now used to pre-populate field entries. Also, if you are updating multiple apps, you can copy over release notes from previous submissions.


UI enhancements offer a more intuitive experience

To ensure you have a clear understanding of where you are within each workflow, the new interfaces include a progress tracker that guides you through each step of the LAT and submission process.

You can safeguard your progress with our real-time auto-save function. This means no information is lost during the testing and submission of your apps. To ensure precise customization, you can fine-tune various aspects of your app testing—such as adding localized metadata or pricing details—to enable accelerated subscriptions.

When it comes to app submission, the redesigned left-side navigation menu allows for smooth and easy transitions between the four submission steps. And lastly, before submitting your app, you can quickly edit and verify your app details by reviewing a single-page summary of all the details you entered.


New app submission process

Learn how automated validation works, how to utilize simplified region selection, and the steps to navigate your app submission.

New Live App Testing UI


To learn more and get started with the LAT and submission processes, review the following documentation:

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