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Simplify user authentication for Fire OS with A3L Authentication SDK

Diana Stansfield Jun 01, 2023

The A3L SDK is an app store-independent abstraction library that reduces overall porting and maintenance efforts for your apps. The unified SDK seamlessly integrates Google Sign-in on Android for Fire OS devices, enabling Amazon users to log-in using their existing Google Sign-in credentials. This eliminates the need for users to create new accounts or remember multiple login details for their Amazon devices.

To integrate this SDK, watch our developer walk-through and read the full details below:

A unified code base reduces porting time and deployment to Google Play & Amazon Appstore

By integrating the A3L Authentication SDK within your code base, you can manage one implementation and establish a consistent approach to user authentication across both Android and Fire OS devices. Having all your authentication code in one place makes it easier to test, debug, identify, and resolve issues:

SDK diagram
Integrated user management for enhanced control

With a centralized user management system, you can efficiently manage users across multiple devices using a single set of user credentials, providing a familiar authentication experience and enhanced convenience for your customers. The SDK supports features across Google Sign-In, AppAuth, and A3L Authentication:

A3L SDK chart comparison
Getting started with the A3L Authentication SDK

  1. Make sure to test with Android Studio on a compatible Android device running with Android API Level 21 or later.
  2. Download the A3L Authentication SDK.
  3. Review the step-by-step technical documentation to get started.

Handling the sign in is simple with the follow code examples:

Configure the sign-in options

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// Configure sign-in to request the user's ID, email address, and basic
// profile. ID and basic profile are included in DEFAULT_SIGN_IN.
A3LSignInOptions aso = new A3LSignInOptions

Create a Sign-in client using the defined options:

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 mA3LSignInClient = A3LSignIn.getClient(this, aso);

Setup an intent for sign-in

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Intent signInIntent = mA3LSignInClient.getSignInIntent();
startActivityForResult(signInIntent, RC_SIGN_IN);
Explore the Guided Workflow for authentication

We’ve developed a Guided Workflow for porting your current authentication solution to Fire OS. This will guide you through the process of making your existing Android app compatible with Fire OS for the Amazon Appstore.

By answering a few questions about your Android app authentication requirements, you will receive a compatibility report that includes technical guidance on the recommended changes necessary for Fire OS compatibility.

To learn more about how A3L Authentication SDK can improve your developer experience, check out these resources:

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