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Simplify app porting with the new A3L cloud messaging SDK

Diana Stansfield Jun 06, 2022

Today we are introducing the A3L SDK, facilitating SDK porting between Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

A3L SDK reduces porting and maintenance efforts

The A3L SDK is an app store-independent abstraction library that reduces overall porting and maintenance efforts for your apps. The A3L SDK allows you to write code once and use the same code on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. With the A3L SDK, you can now port your apps using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to Amazon Appstore through a single branch, creating a one-time implementation to handle the platform-specific details.

Reach customers through Push Notifications

With the A3L cloud messaging SDK, you can send push notifications to Fire OS devices to engage your users without writing custom code. Whether you are informing your users of a game update or letting them know of a marketing offer, push notifications enables you to keep users engaged. You can also use data messages, which are sent to your app to transmit data, such as payload data consisting of custom key-value pairs.

Watch the video tutorial for help getting started:

Get your questions answered during our Twitch live streaming session on June 14th at 10am PDT (6pm BST, 1pm EST), where our Developer Evangelists will offer a live product demonstration of the A3L SDK. Follow AmazonAppDev today to get notified about upcoming live streams.

Getting started

Have an Android app that uses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging? Get started with the A3L cloud messaging SDK:


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