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Amazon and Microsoft create new opportunities for developers and increase return on investment in the Amazon Appstore

Announcements Appstore on Windows 11

Important: Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 will no longer be supported after March 5, 2025. Read the blog for more information.


Today, at the Microsoft’s Windows Event, Microsoft and Amazon announced plans to bring the Amazon Appstore to Windows 11. With the upcoming release of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows customers will have access to Android apps on their Windows 11 devices, expanding the selection of apps for customers across multiple genres.

“Today we offer a broad selection of mobile apps in our Amazon Appstore, available across Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and Android devices that our customers use and enjoy every day,” said Palanidaran Chidambaram, Director of the Amazon Appstore and Cross-Screen Technology. “With this announcement, Amazon Appstore developers will now have the opportunity to make their Android apps available to hundreds of millions of Windows customers.”

The availability of the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 will allow developers to easily expand their app reach to Windows devices and increase their return on investment. Microsoft customers will be able to discover a new selection of Android apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, and download them through the Amazon Appstore.

The initial Amazon Appstore selection will be available to Windows customers later this year. We will have more to share in the future about how you can make your app available to Windows customers.

Are you new to the Amazon Appstore? The best way to get started is to submit your app here to unlock the benefits of the Amazon Appstore.  


App Bundles will be completely optional, and developers will be able to continue submitting apps using existing APK format.

There are no changes to the app submission process. For both app formats (APK or bundle), developers will continue to submit apps in the same way as before.

No, you will not need to resubmit your app if it was submitted and published in APK format earlier. You can continue publishing new apps and updates to existing apps using APK format. In order to utilize app bundles, developers would need to plan future submissions using the bundles format (*.aab), however, there will be no changes in the way developers currently submit apps to Appstore.

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