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Coming soon: Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program


To further support our developers, today we are announcing the Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program. This new program enables developers to build a scalable business by reducing cloud infrastructure costs, while also offering better revenue share to help them get started on their own day one.

Starting in Q4, for developers that earn less than $1 million in revenue in the previous calendar year, we are increasing developer revenue share and adding AWS credit options. This brings total program benefits up to an equivalent of 90 percent of revenue.

When the program launches, all qualifying small developers will receive an 80/20 revenue share by default. Additionally, we will provide AWS promotional credits in an amount equivalent to 10 percent of revenue, so that developers can take advantage of the benefits of building on the cloud.

By helping small businesses get started with AWS through credits, we are making it easier for them to build and grow their app businesses. AWS gives developers easy access to a broad range of technologies so they can innovate faster and build nearly anything they can imagine.

In a recent survey of mobile developers over 94% indicated they use cloud services in their application development efforts.

With AWS, developers can access more than 200 fully featured services so that they can spend less time managing infrastructure and can focus more attention on customer feedback and growing their app businesses. They can deploy technology services in a matter of minutes, and get from idea to implementation several orders of magnitude faster than before.

We also will help developers promote their content in new ways by highlighting smaller developers within our Appstore experience via a new dedicated application row.

We believe these investments in our global developer community will generate more innovation within Amazon Appstore and increase the selection of apps for our customers.

The Small Business Accelerator Program is one of many projects we are undertaking to grow and support the developer community across Amazon so that developers of all sizes can continue to build for our Appstore and for our customers. We’ll have more implementation details to announce later this year.

Thank you for building with us.


  • Developers who earned up to $1 million in the prior calendar year and developers new to Amazon Appstore are eligible.
  • If an eligible developer’s revenue exceeds $1 million in the current year, they will revert to the standard royalty rate and no longer receive AWS credits for the rest of that year.
  • If a developer’s revenue falls below $1 million in a future year, the developer will be eligible in the next calendar year.

Developers with less than $1 million in Appstore revenue in a calendar year will receive 10% of their revenue as promotional credit for AWS services from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and Internet of Things. To receive the credit, when the program launches, developers can provide their AWS Account ID in the Appstore developer portal. The credit will be sent monthly and developers can choose which eligible services to apply the credit to.

The AWS promotional credits can be used for 12 months from the date they were granted.

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