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Login with Amazon for Fire TV apps

Diana Stansfield Aug 01, 2019
Fire TV

The way customers have to log into an app on Amazon Fire TV could be the difference between them becoming paying subscription customers or not.

Did you know, the average number of keypresses for completing an entire registration process using a "D pad" on Fire TV is between 200 and 300 in total? This can lead to large churn when customers become frustrated with long sign up processes, and as a result they may exit the registration process early – without ever interacting with your app.

Here is a solution that can mitigate this challenge, Login with Amazon.

Advantages of Login with Amazon
Login with Amazon can reduce the number of clicks from over 200 to just 2 and allows customers to login using their Amazon account.

The service makes it convenient to millions of Amazon customers to login to your apps securely, and without hassle, using their Amazon account. Login with Amazon is a free service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate a login solution to your app for Fire TV.

Customers using their Fire TV already have an Amazon account, which will reduce the steps during the sign up process and make the overall registration process easier and faster.

Integrating Login with Amazon

The integration of Login with Amazon is quick and easy. On average we see developers investing just a few hours to do the implementation for a single app on Fire TV.

By taking advantage of Login with Amazon, you can spend less time building a user management system and more time building your product and content customers will love.

For more detailed information around technical implementation steps, click here.

Recommended customer flow

Let’s take a look at the following video where we illustrate a recommended customer flow once Login with Amazon is integrated into your Amazon Fire TV app.

There is no additional laptop or phone required for the customer for login verification, no fiddly TV password entry, just a simple customer journey with a few clicks.

For more information about Login with Amazon, visit the Appstore Developer Portal.

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