Why Amazon?

Amazon has built a trusted brand and loyal consumer base over the years. Our customers are more likely to spend on apps and games compared to competing app stores, and tend to spend more on each purchase, according to an IDC report. Our unique monetization programs, such as Amazon Coins, boost customer spending by offering discounts on apps and games—without eating into your revenue share.

Unique ways to make money

Amazon Appstore fearlessly innovates so you have more options for making money, even when you’re not launching brand-new apps or games. Amazon Coins and Merch by Amazon are just two of the exciting opportunities.

Quality reach

65% of developers publishing through Amazon Appstore saw similar or better revenue than our competitors, according to an IDC report. 76% also said that publishing on our platform provided them with access to new audience segments.

Pain-free publishing

We respect your limited time and resources, so we try to make publishing simple and pain-free, and provide 24/7 support for unexpected challenges. Also, registering for a developer account is free and there are no hidden fees.

What app developers are saying

Scottish Broadcaster STV

"...we've seen nearly a 2,000 percent increase in stream starts and users on the platform" - Will Jones, STV Product Manager

Indie developers

"Income is 5x better than Google Play." - Trevor Holyoak, HolyOak.com

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Free app testing in 90 seconds

85% of Android apps just work on the Amazon Appstore with no additional development necessary.

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You pay nothing to create a developer account, use Amazon APIs, and submit apps.

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