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What's New in In-App Purchasing

Recent releases and documentation updates. Bookmark this page to keep in touch with new and changing IAP features, docs, and additional resources for developers.

Receipt Verification Service Enhancements

September 21, 2020

The data field isFreeTrial is now freeTrialEndDate. freeTrialEndDate provides the end date of a subscription's free trial period. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.

September 14, 2020

New data fields added for RVS: autoRenewing, gracePeriodEndDate, and isFreeTrial. For additional information, see Receipt Verification for IAP Apps.

Documentation Update for IAP SDK Integration

August 24, 2020

Previously, the manifest code sample in the IAP SDK integration documentation had an error with the permissions for the ResponseReceiver. (The permission attribute was applied to the action node instead of the receiver node.) This was corrected in the documentation, Javadoc, and example apps. See ResponseReceiver for more details.

IAP Layout on Developer Console

June 08, 2020

New and improved developer console layout and workflow for IAP.

IAP Batch Submission

October 1, 2017

Submit a batch of IAP items at the same time, using a CSV file to upload new and updated IAP items. For additional information, see IAP Batch Submission

IAP v2.0.76

September 1, 2016

Products returned by the getProductData API now include a Coins reward amount, an optional field that surfaces the amount of Amazon Coins a customer will be rewarded after purchasing that product