Alexa Presentation Language Known Issues

Refer to the following list of known issues, bugs, and breaking changes for Alexa Presentation Language (APL).

Known Issues

  • On physical devices, when a Frame contains an Image component, the borderRadius property for the Frame doesn't properly adjust the Frame corners

  • Video components with width and/or height set to 0 can't play audio

  • [Fire TV Editions TVs] Prime video resumes before volume panel is dismissed

  • [Fire TV Editions TVs] Recipe video doesn't revert to the original volume after dismissing the volume panel

  • Word break opportunity before <nobr> tag not breaking correctly

  • Word break opportunity after <nobr> tag not breaking correctly

  • Text with <nobr> incorrectly wrapping at the end of a container

  • [Echo Show 10] Skill requests will experience higher latency for the first few invocations

  • [Echo Show 10] [Skill Request] On physical devices, the skill request might occasionally not contain the SmartMotion and EntitySensing extensions even after adding them in the skill manifest

  • [APL Simulator] [Large Hub/Extra Large TV Hub] Videos are not playing for both autoplay false and true scenarios

  • Ordinal-based selection doesn't function reliably. The resolutions object is not populated accurately

  • [APL-T] RenderDocument and ExecuteCommands directive does not persist through the reprompt response

  • Utterances such as "select number 3" don't properly invoke AMAZON.SelectIntent. When this issue is fixed, these utterances will invoke the intent

  • The new lang and layoutDirection properties are not data bindable at the document level. We recommend data binding at the root-component and using the bound properties as well as passing layoutDirection and lang as a parameter

  • APL documents that use the Video component to play audio by settings its width/height to 0 will stop working. To work around this issue set the width/height to 1

Breaking Changes

  • [APL 1.7] AVG radial gradients no longer render with incorrect radius, positioning, or scaling on Android devices

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Last updated on 2021-07-21