Building with Alexa Connect Kit SDK for Matter: Three reasons Sengled is partnering with Amazon to build Matter devices

Jonathan Wiley Nov 03, 2022
Smart Home Skills

During Alexa Live 2022, we announced the Alexa Connect Kit SDK for Matter. Developers and device makers will be able to easily add local Matter connectivity to their devices while benefiting from the unique insights and capabilities provided by managed cloud connectivity. ACK SDK for Matter provides a simplified path to commercialization, actionable product insights for better customer experiences, seamless delivery of new features and mission-critical software updates, and includes features such as Frustration-Free Setup. That’s why Sengled, a leading provider of smart lighting, looking to accelerate time to market and provide customers with an effortless setup experience, has chosen ACK SDK for Matter to help build out their 2023 Matter portfolio.

Sengled is a global leader in smart lighting, pioneering new lighting styles and technologies that provide customers with ease of use, versatility, and brilliance. Today, Sengled’s diverse portfolio, including Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and Zigbee devices, provides customers with choice and flexibility. Amazon and Sengled’s shared dedication to supporting multiple standards and giving customers choice has paved the way for years of collaboration. In fact, Sengled has been one of the first adopters of Frustration-Free Setup on WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee devices and closely collaborated with Amazon to make the customer’s experience delightfully fast and straightforward.

When the vision for Matter was introduced, Sengled immediately embraced the new standard and became an early member of Matter working group, following that up with an announcement at CES 2022 of their commitment to launch Matter-based devices. Implementing Frustration-Free Setup for their Matter devices was a no-brainer for Sengled. With Frustration-Free Setup, device setup is effortless and customers can experience the joy of smart lighting immediately. The inclusion of the Frustration-Free Setup in the Matter SDK made the implementation process even easier. Sengled’s first Matter bulb, developed in-house, is expected to launch later this year with Frustration-Free Setup.

When the team at Sengled was planning their 2023 product portfolio, they chose to leverage the ACK SDK for Matter program for the following reasons:

Speed to market with predictable timelines and cost 

Developing products with a brand new standard is time-consuming, resource-heavy and also requires deep expertise in wireless protocols, cloud connectivity, networking and security firmware. This can be a heavy burden, even for experienced device makers such as Sengled. With ACK SDK for Matter, Sengled will be able to leverage turn key solutions with ready made application code and WiFi module hardware designs. Moreover, development for Frustration-Free Setup is streamlined and the program provides a supported path for Works with Alexa and Matter certifications. Cloud services for the device’s lifetime are covered in a low one-time fee, providing the Sengled team with clear visibility on the cost over a device's lifetime.

Create and deliver differentiated experiences and products 

With ACK SDK for Matter, Sengled can focus more on what they do best, creating great lighting products. The business analytics and available device level metrics enabled by ACK SDK for Matter will provide Sengled with enhanced troubleshooting capabilities and insights to help them identify opportunities for new features, update existing ones, and improve the customer experience. By leveraging these insights, Sengled can build more value through their devices and services over the entire customer journey. 

ACK SDK for Matter’s cloud connection will provide Sengled with the added flexibility to directly issue OTA updates, and manage the software update process themselves without being reliant on other smart home systems or Matter Admins, allowing them to maintain control over their brand and customer experience. 

Reach customers at scale and grow business 

Amazon’s retail channel helps device makers like Sengled to reach customers who shop on every day. The Works With Alexa badge on puts customers’ minds at ease and simplifies the purchase journey, ensuring the products work great with Alexa and are from a trusted brand. This helps Sengled to further establish their brand as a smart home leader and connect with customers at scale. The Works with Alexa certification also creates co-marketing opportunities such as bundles and promotions on Prime Day. In addition, as part of the managed program, ACK will offer sales and marketing consulting, making it easier for Sengled to plan their go-to-market activities, optimize sales strategies and expand to new geographies. Sengled’s first ACK powered Matter light bulb is expected to be available to customers next year.

“Amazon’s shared belief in giving customers choice and a simple experience has paved the way for years of collaboration. We are very excited to continue our partnership and build Matter products with ACK SDK for Matter ” says Sengled’s CEO Johnson Shen “This allows us to focus on innovating, while everything else is taken care of by the managed ACK service. We look forward to building great experiences and growing our business with Amazon.”

How to get started with ACK SDK for Matter

Developers and device makers can also take advantage of ACK’s managed services that provide the flexibility and control needed to build differentiated products, and the insights and capabilities to increase customer engagement and grow your business. Learn more about ACK SDK for Matter and reach out to us to inquire about developing Matter devices. 

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