Now available, Alexa Connect Kit at a reduced fee

Ashish Pal Dec 17, 2021

With connected devices becoming increasingly ubiquitous around the world, customers have come to expect stress-free and low cost products for their smart homes. As part of our continued commitment to power smart homes and empower device builders, today we are announcing ACK cloud fee reduction and Developer Preview of ACK SDK. With this new ACK SDK, device makers are able to build a low-cost module that meets the thermal, size, and cost requirements for smart home devices like lighting products, switches, dimmer switches, plugs, and air purifiers. All of this is possible without compromising the set-up experience or the convenience of lifetime device management enabled by ACK.

Leverage reduced cloud fee

At Amazon, we are working hard to drive down the cost of connected Smart Home devices for customers. Today, we are excited to announce that Alexa Connect Kit has reduced the cloud fee by 75% i.e. from $2 to $0.50 for all our partners. The price reduction will apply to all ACK device makers globally. We want to enable our device maker partners to offer their customers more value and greater selection. With the cloud fee reduction and the flexibility to build lower cost modules, we will enable our partners to grow their business by reducing their costs. Device makers can pass along these savings to end customers, lowering the price premium of connected devices for end consumers.

Get Started

Get started with building Alexa-connected smart products using Alexa Connect Kit now.

ACK SDK is available as source code, tailored to the ESP-Wrover reference platform for prototyping. Amazon is working with Silicon Vendors such as Espressif to provide a selection of SoCs for ACK SDK. To learn more about the ACK SDK Developer Preview, refer here. For any queries, you can sign up here.

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