Launch of Smart Home Device Health Service

Sharon Morrow Nov 08, 2021
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Do you want to use Smart Home technology to help customers resolve device issues like connectivity? Today we are pleased to announce “Smart Home Device Health Service (SHDHS)”, a first step on our journey to support customers as they purchase and use a wide variety of Smart Home devices. Smart Home Device Health Service is a free service that monitors the status of Smart Home devices and, if an issue is detected, guides customers through the troubleshooting process. With Device Health Service, customers can solve device issues themselves, giving them more time to enjoy the convenience of Smart Home technology.

Device Health Service analyzes device health to detect network connectivity issues, notifies the customer, then suggests ways to reconnect the device. For example, if a device is disconnected from a Wi-Fi network, Device Health Service will send a notification to the customer and provide device-specific troubleshooting steps as shown in the images below. If these do not resolve the problem, the Alexa App will guide the customer to the right customer support tools for further assistance.  

Alexa Notifications to Customer
Lighting Category Banner
Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

In this first release, we are launching support for LIFX, Sengled, and TP-Link KASA lights. In 2022, we plan to expand Device Health Service support to other devices that provide device health status, including many products with the Certified for Humans badge.

Get Started

To add the benefits of Device Health Service to your device, just implement the Alexa.EndpointHealth interface in your Alexa skill! This will enable your device to report its connectivity status to Alexa. Detailed developer documentation can be found here.  

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