Explore Alexa, Amazon Devices, and More at CES 2020

Morgan Edelman Dec 19, 2019
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We’re three weeks away from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (January 7-10)! The Amazon devices and Alexa teams are excited to bring a range of technologies for attendees to engage with during the show. We invite you to visit our public exhibits – spanning The Venetian, Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Sands Expo – to explore the latest innovations across Alexa, Alexa Auto, Fire TV, Dash Replenishment, Ring, and more. Throughout the show, you’ll also see how other companies are building unique Alexa experiences, and get a first look at new voice-forward products announced at the show. Developers and device makers help make Alexa smarter, more useful, and more accessible to customers around the world, and we’re excited to showcase what they’ve built during CES 2020. 

Experience Alexa and Amazon Devices at The Venetian

Visit our public exhibit at The Venetian (Ballroom C-D) to explore the growing family of Amazon devices, including Fire TV and Dash Replenishment Service, and Alexa devices from other companies, including iRobot, Bose, LG, Lenovo, and more. Learn how brands are building voice-driven experiences for customers at home, in the car, at work, and on the go. Click here to explore the devices featured in our exhibit at CES 2020.

Follow @alexadevs and @amazonnews on Twitter for CES updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and details on a CES-exclusive social giveaway. Participate in the conversation at #AmazonCES.

Explore Automotive Solutions at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Stop by the Alexa Auto exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center (North Hall – 5616) to see how Alexa Auto is teaming up with AWS, Amazon Pay, Fire TV, and Amazon Home Services to showcase Amazon’s breadth of automotive solutions as well as vehicles with Alexa built-in. Engage with experts and experience demos for connected vehicles, smart home, and other use cases with customers and partners from across the automotive industry. Follow Alexa Auto on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Discover How Ring is Making Neighborhoods Safer at the Sands Expo Convention Center

Visit the signature Ring House at the Sands Expo Convention Center (Halls A-D, Booth #42319) to see how all of Ring's devices and services work together to connect customers to their homes anytime, anywhere. Learn about Ring’s mission to make neighborhoods safer via accessible, affordable, and smart security. See how Ring works with Amazon Alexa and smart locks from Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset. You can also learn about our ever-growing Works with Ring program. Follow Ring on Facebook and Instagram for live updates from the Ring CES booth. We’ll share product news and customer stories showing how the Ring ecosystem works to provide peace of mind and make neighborhoods safer.

Play Our Ride to Win, In-Vehicle Gameshow

During CES, Yellow Cab riders in Las Vegas can test their trivia knowledge and win prizes by playing the Ride to Win trivia Alexa skill. Players at home can join in on the fun during CES by enabling the Ride to Win skill by saying: “Alexa, open Ride to Win.” You can also create your own trivia skill using a Skill Blueprint.

Stay Up to Date on the Action

We have a lot in store for CES this year. Follow our social media accounts for real-time show updates and for opportunities to participate in social giveaways throughout the week.

We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!