Consulting and Professional Services for AVS

Divine Ofori-Amankwah Nov 19, 2019
Alexa Voice Service Consulting & Professional Services Solution Providers News

When we announced the general availability of Alexa Voice Service (AVS) for device makers in 2016, we realized that they needed more than just a cloud-based API to design, build, and launch their products in the market. We then started to engage with Chipset manufacturers, Systems Integrators (SI), and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) to provide the technology and know-how that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) needed to take their products to market successfully. While we have come a long way on that journey, the needs and demands of device makers have evolved as well. Device makers have expressed the desire to expand into new domains such as healthcare, hospitality, utilities, etc., and build new products and solutions to address these use cases.

Today, we are announcing the availability of Consulting and Professional Services (CPS) providers who have the expertise to help device makers take Alexa Built-in products from concept to reality. The CPS firms provide a range of services including consulting, prototyping, device design implementation, and large-scale solution implementation.

Here are three CPS firms who can help you:

Accenture provides a comprehensive set of voice technology related services, including consumer experience design, agile hardware development, and automated testing. They have more than 2,400 connected product and embedded software engineers who provide global scale and expertise to accelerate product development, expedite certification time, and deliver on product launch dates.

Creoir specializes in voice technologies offering audio and product development services including industrial design, acoustics design, hardware and software development, manufacturing, after sales and cloud services. They have an experienced team to polish your product idea into a success story through all the phases – from concept creation and prototyping all the way to development and manufacturing.

SurfaceInk provides full-system product design and development services for Fortune 100 companies and startups in the Consumer Electronics market segment. From initial product strategy and design to detailed hardware, software engineering, and production ramp, they have the talent, know-how, and a proven track record for delivering a diverse range of successful technology products to market.

How Do I Connect with CPS Firms?

As we onboard more CPS firms, we will list them on the developer portal and provide links to resources and contact information. You can either contact them directly or contact us to help make the connection.

How and Where Can I Learn More About the CPS Program?

We will be hosting a webinar to go into more details. Register for the webinar here »