Introducing BuddyTalk from InnoMedia: An Intelligent Speakerphone with Alexa Built-in

Mariel vanTatenhove Jul 23, 2019
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Voice has become a familiar and convenient way for people to interface with and control devices in the home, and has made tasks such as controlling lights, setting timers, and getting information easier. Companies are also bringing voice experiences to the workplace to improve employee productivity in meeting rooms and at their desks. Today we are excited to announce the BuddyTalk series, a new family of white-box solutions from InnoMedia for residential, small business, and enterprise users. The product family, comprised of the BT100, BT110 and BT200, is a voice-enabled intelligent speakerphone, communications, and smart speaker system with Alexa built-in.

The BT100 and BT110 are designed for residential, and small and midsize business users. They offer convenient call control by using voice commands through Alexa and the speakerphone doubles as a smart speaker, supporting all of Alexa’s familiar skills and capabilities.

The BT200 is designed for enterprise users. It integrates with Alexa for Business to allow deployment as a shared voice communication device and smart speaker in conference rooms or on users’ desks.  With Alexa for Business, enterprise users can use voice commands with the BT200 to conveniently manage schedules, to-do lists, meetings and meeting rooms, and dial into conference calls.

The BuddyTalk BT200 is the first white-box solution certified with Alexa for Business.

To learn more about these and other Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) solutions qualified by Amazon, please visit our ODM Solutions page on the AVS developer portal. 

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