Introducing Announcements on Alexa Built-in Devices

Ford Davidson May 24, 2019
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Today, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is making Announcements available for certified Alexa built-in products to implement and new ones that pass the provided self-tests and certification. Alexa Announcements enables customers to make and receive one-way announcements to and from compatible Alexa built-in devices in their household. Similar to a one-way intercom, Alexa Announcements is great for quick, broad communications you want to share with your whole family. This allows customers to announce on their device from the kitchen that “dinner is ready,” or that “it’s time to wake up,” or from their Fire TV Cube that “the movie is starting.” This audio message will be “announced” playing back simultaneously through the other Alexa built-in devices in the home. Customers can also use the Alexa app when they are away from home to make an Announcement.

Amazon will continuously improve the Announcement feature to create better customer experiences and to ensure consistency across all Alexa built-in devices.

How to Enable Announcements

If you already have a product in market, you can find documentation to enable Announcements on your device here. If you are developing a new product, Announcements will be possible to add as part of your AVS implementation and AVS certification will cover testing of this feature.

Alexa Announcements Webinar Recording

On 26-June-2019, Scott Isabelle, Principal Solutions Engineer of Alexa Voice Service (AVS), provided details of Alexa Announcements for device makers. Watch the recording here.

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