Best of 2023: Videos showcasing developers shaping the future of voice interactions

Staff Writer Dec 13, 2023
Alexa Skills


Alexa gives you the power to shape the next generation of customer experiences and connect with users around the world—and this year, we caught up with some of the creators behind groundbreaking solutions that are ushering in a new era of voice technology.

From hobbyists-turned-entrepreneurs to globally recognized brands, get a first-hand view of the latest in ambient intelligence with some of our top videos from 2023.

Philips Hue

When it comes to creating your ideal home environment, there’s no substitute for perfect lighting. That’s why Philips and Alexa are teaming up to elevate home entertainment with groundbreaking smart bulbs.

Featuring seamless voice triggering, smart bulbs that can react to on-screen content, and Matter integrations that lay the foundation for a wide range of connected home experiences, check out our interview and discover how lighting can go beyond just illumination.


Monoceros Labs

Madrid-based voice studio Monoceros Labs is working to bring accessible voice experiences to the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to providing cutting-edge conversational design and skill development services, they’re also spreading the word about the possibilities of voice with community events, hackathons, and more.

So how did the team at Monoceros get their start and what lies ahead? Watch our feature to find out—plus, get an inside look at Monoceros Labs’ football-loving virtual assistant, Victoria.


LC Publishing

Author Lincoln Cole has been building new worlds for years through sci-fi novels and horror stories. But when he began developing Alexa skills, he quickly found a unique way to add another dimension to his stories.

Cole’s interactive choose-your-own-adventure games like The Dark Citadel quickly garnered a large following and reached players worldwide, including visually impaired users who had a new opportunity for immersive gameplay through their voice.

Dive deeper into Cole’s process to learn what tools he leverages and see how he incorporates user feedback to optimize skills.



BMW is known for vehicles that combine elegance and performance—so to build a voice experience that reaches their high expectations, the auto manufacturer turned to Alexa.

Using Alexa Custom Assistant (ACA), automakers will be able to develop intelligent voice assistants that can match their brand identity and meet customers' needs, from proactively making maintenance checks to reserving charging stations for electric cars and more.

Follow along as BMW technical experts outline how Alexa is raising the bar of what it means for humans to interact with machines.


When Daniel Mittendorf started experimenting with Alexa, he sought to solve a simple problem: Watching local TV on an Echo Show device. While the resulting skill, “Stream Player,” was initially a personal project, it quickly took off and now has a base of over 12 million users around the world.

Since then, Mittendorf has continued to build a career in voice and has been recognized as an Alexa Champion. In our video feature, learn how he taps into the Alexa ecosystem’s growth and get his predictions for what may come next for voice.

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