Amazon announces no-code Alexa Radio Skills Kit Console for all radio providers

Staff Writer Apr 11, 2023
Alexa Skills

Amazon announced the general availability of the Alexa Radio Skills Kit (RSK) console for radio providers today. With the Alexa Radio Skills Kit, radio providers can now offer radio content on Alexa, right out of the box. RSK allows providers to enable a high-quality customer experience in a no-code way, so that listeners can seamlessly access their radio station on Alexa just by using their voice. All providers have to do is submit their station data, and Alexa Radio Skills Kit Console handles subsequent steps related to publishing and discovery.

The Alexa Radio Skills Kit Console enables developers with significant advantages:

Non-technical onboarding

The new self-serve onboarding process for the Alexa Radio Skills Kit on the developer console gives radio providers a no-code solution for offering radio content on Alexa. Radio providers don‘t require technical expertise and investment in building or maintaining a skill — they can simply submit their station’s information, and enable customers to start listening to their radio station on Alexa. 

Awareness and discovery benefits for radio providers

After a station is onboarded, it becomes available after a period of 72 hours on Alexa-enabled devices to customers. 

RSK facilitates improved skill discovery in several important ways. Customers can ask Alexa to play a radio station by name, alternate name, call sign, or frequency (e.g., The Vibe, Vibe 102.7, KBBQ, 102.7 FM respectively). Listeners do not need to have a radio station’s skill enabled to listen to a particular station. 

RSK also enables customers to ask to play a station by name, frequency, or call sign, without having to remember to launch a skill. In addition, RSK supports location-based search so that when a customer asks for a station, Alexa automatically considers stations nearby that match their request. 

Improved customer experience

Alexa maintains all stations onboarded through RSK, thereby providing customers with a consistent and predictable experience. RSK enables significant improvements across every facet of the customer experience by supporting features such as multi-room playback, setting alarms, and creating routines that include radio station playback.

To get started, please visit the Alexa Radio Skills Kit console.

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