Amazon launches image and video support for skill detail pages

Staff Writer Feb 27, 2023
Alexa Skills

Amazon has launched image and video support for Alexa skill detail pages. With today’s announcement, skill builders can upload one video and up to five images for their skills on the skill detail page. Rich media snapshots of skills allow customers understand your skill in greater detail, and drive increased engagement among customers. The feature which has been available in public beta has been shown to increase customer adoption and engagement with a skill.

Top Alexa skill developers across a variety of categories such as Blues Clues, Sleep Jar and Blue Sky have adopted the new feature to present rich and compelling representations of their skills to Alexa customers.

Once uploaded by skill developers, rich media placements can be discovered by customers across a variety of venues that include the Skill detail page in the Alexa Skills Store on the Amazon retail website, Alexa app, and other Amazon properties.

The rich media assets can be further customized by locale providing a deeper and more meaningful level of customer engagement. When you use locale-specific assets, please ensure that videos are spoken in the language the customer expects, and written captions, signs, and other language appears in the customer's language.

Please visit the technical documentation to learn more about the simple and intuitive steps you can take to add rich media to your skill detail page. 

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