3 reasons you should sign up for Alexa Live 2022 now

Staff Writer Jul 11, 2022
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Alexa Live 2022 offers developers an unparalleled opportunity to learn how to drive growth for their business while developing the next generation of ambient computing experiences. 

As Lincoln Cole, developer of the hit Alexa game The Dark Citadel says: “Alexa Live has been amazing in the many ways it gives me a glimpse into the new tools and features that are coming out. In the past, I have learned a lot about many new features related to developing new customer experiences and monetization that I have been able to add to my games.”

Alexa Live 2022 is a virtual free event that is taking place on July 20 at 9 a.m. PST. Here are three reasons you should act right away and sign up for the event now:

1.     Get practical tips on developing the next generation of ambient experiences: We may be a few years away from the “Star Trek” inspired vision of ambient computing – however, there are several brands like Red Bull, Panera and Philips that are creating the next generation of ambient experiences today. Alexa Live is your opportunity to learn from these innovators, and get actionable tips on how you can help shape the future.. 

2.     Be first to learn about the latest Alexa innovations: Alexa Live is where Amazon announces our latest features and tools for skill builders, device makers and smart home providers. By attending the event, you can learn about these new tools and features directly from Amazon’s experts, and discover how you can use them to drive growth for your new business.

3.     Discover specific areas of opportunity to drive business growth: At Alexa Live, we will share new data on Alexa’s momentum around the world. You can learn how to tap into these opportunity areas, and increase the reach of your skills and devices.

Many of the developers and device makers we work with are driven by a bold vision: to come up with the next big idea that changes the way people interact with technology.

Alexa Live 2022 is a great first step for you to do just that – sign up now! 

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