Why I'm looking forward to Alexa Live: Lincoln Cole, CEO, LC Publishing

Staff Writer Jun 16, 2022
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Amazon announced today that it will host its annual Alexa Live event for developers on July 20 at 9:00 a.m. PST. Alexa Live 2022 is free to attend, fully online, and developers can sign up at the event registration page

Lincoln Cole is the CEO of LC Publishing, and the creator of the breakout hit skill The Dark Citadel. Cole is also the author of dozens of sci-fi novels and horror stories. His most recent project, CRISPR, tells the story of two mercenaries, who stumble onto a secret that has grave implications for the future of humanity. 

In this interview, Cole talks about why developers should be excited to attend Alexa Live 2022.

Tell us about your prior development experience.

I have been a Java and React developer for many years. Prior to working with Alexa, my experience included building full stack applications and web applications. My real growth as a developer took place when I began working with Alexa and AWS to build way cooler things.

Why has attending Alexa Live in the past been useful to you?

Alexa Live has been amazing in the many ways it gives me a glimpse into the new tools and features that are coming out. In the past, I have learned a lot about many new features related to developing new customer experiences and monetization that I have been able to add to my games. 

Why are you looking forward to this year’s event?

I'm looking forward to seeing what new tools and features are close to launch, what the Alexa product team has been cooking up behind the scenes, and what the team at Alexa has in store for developers to enhance the Alexa ecosystem, and make our lives, and the lives of our players even better!

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