Create Shortcuts voice commands with no code with Alexa for Apps Shortcuts no-code builder

James Huang Dec 13, 2021
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The Alexa for Apps Shortcuts no-code builder lets you create Alexa voice commands for your mobile app or website in minutes, with no code required. Alexa Shortcuts help customers get things done faster in apps and websites on their phone, hands-free.

Shortcuts can be used by customers with Alexa-enabled mobile devices such as Echo Buds, Echo Frames, and Alexa Built-in phones, in addition to being available via the Alexa app. Alexa Shortcuts are focused on enhancing the mobile experience, but commands created through the no-code builder will also improve customer experiences on other Alexa-enabled devices, too. 

For example, the Weight Watchers’ (WW) Shortcuts command will let customers enjoy the convenience of Alexa to log their weight or meals in the WW app. If a customer says, “Alexa, ask WW to log two points for breakfast” on an Alexa-enabled phone or through the Alexa mobile app, the utterance would open the Weight Watchers app, navigate to the Quick Add page, log two SmartPoints with the meal type set to “breakfast”, and enter the current date, hands-free. If a customer makes a Shortcuts request on a device in the home such as an Echo Dot, Alexa would send a notification to the customer’s phone. After the customer taps on the notification, the meal would get recorded the WW app.

To get started building Alexa for Apps Shortcuts voice commands with no code required, click here to apply for Developer Preview. Once you’ve onboarded to the Shortcuts no-code builder developer preview, create a new skill in the Alexa Developer Console, and choose the skill model called “Mobile Apps.” Fill out your app and/or website information, select from dozens of pre-built commands or create custom commands. Then, map those commands to deep-links for your iOS and Android apps and websites. Finally, test and publish your new skill!

In addition to WW, look out for Alexa Shortcuts from Fandango that will let you find movies in your area, Zoom Shortcuts to join and start meetings, Mint commands that let you manage your finances, and ClassPass Shortcuts that let you find classes in their app to help you stay fit.

Get Started

To get started, go to and submit for the no-code Shortcuts builder developer preview. Once you’re approved for developer preview, you’ll see the new Mobile Apps option when you create a skill using the Alexa Developer Console.

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