Introducing the Alexa Agencies Curriculum for Agencies and Brands

Matthew Cadman Jun 28, 2020
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Today, we’re excited to introduce the Alexa Agency Curriculum, a set of Alexa skill-building resources specially designed for agencies, brands working with agencies, studios, and tool providers who are building voice strategies and go-to-market campaigns for brands.

We know building a voice-first strategy has multiple considerations. The curriculum is based on our years of experience working with agencies and skill builders. It includes guidance we’ve shared with agencies and business leaders across enterprise, mid-market, and small businesses to develop innovative and delightful customer experiences. You can incorporate this curriculum into your voice practice and with your strategy and planning expertise, help determine the optimal touch points across the customer journey.

Join the community of voice innovators and register today to access the guide.

What’s Included in the Alexa Agency Curriculum?

The Alexa Agency Curriculum guides agencies through key steps in building delightful and engaging Alexa skill experiences for brands—from voice strategy to development to go-to-market and beyond. It will help teams of strategists, account managers, creatives, developers, and media planners stay ahead of the curve and armed to add voice to their client’s brand or customer journey.  Agencies can use this guidance as a foundation for their teams to bring Alexa experiences to life, with a focus on topics they find most relevant, for example, building brand experience, customer retention, and customer acquisition though voice.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included:

  • Alexa Agency Curriculum Summary: Get an overview of the Alexa Agency Curriculum, including how to use the materials.
  • Voice Strategy & Planning Spotlight: Learn about recommended formats for effective voice strategy and workshopping sessions with brands that lead to SOWs/POCs and inclusion in GTM strategy and campaigns that drive customer engagement.
  • Skill Delivery Framework: Learn the ins and outs of developing for Alexa, including product scoping, VUI and technical development, testing and certification, and post-launch considerations.
  • Introduction to Alexa Design: Learn about the key principles and processes for designing engaging and delightful Alexa skills.
  • Retention/Engagement: Learn about key recommendations that help keep customers engaged with your skill and coming back for more.
  • Monetization: Learn about all the ways to generate revenue with Alexa, including Amazon Pay and in-skill purchasing (ISP).
  • Tool Spotlights: Gain a better understanding on how Amazon recommends incorporating user acceptance testing (UAT), content management systems (CMS), localization, and analytics to improve voice experiences.
  • Alexa Marketing Guide: Learn essentials for skill discovery and driving customer awareness for your skill, from the skill’s foundation to post-launch campaigns, including potential opportunities with Amazon Advertising.
  • Alexa Skill Brand/Agency Case Studies: Get inspired by examples of successful voice strategies and read about what is working well for agencies and internationally known brands.

We’re excited by the possibilities that Alexa has created for brands and their customers all over the world. And we can’t wait to see the delightful customer experiences that you’ll continue to create. Register to access the Alexa Agency Curriculum and utilize the curriculum to enhance your voice practice and voice strategy approach.

Looking for more? We’ll continue to share periodic updates as we build and enhance the curriculum, and invite you to sign up for our new global, quarterly email newsletter for agencies.

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