Apply for the Alexa Web API for Games Developer Preview

Catherine Gao Nov 18, 2019
Multimodal Design Game Skills News

The Alexa Web API for Games (Preview) introduces web technologies and tools to create visually rich and interactive voice-controlled game experiences. With the Alexa Web API for Games, you’ll be able to build for multimodal devices using HTML and web technologies like Canvas 2D, WebAudio, WebGL, JavaScript, and CSS. You can apply to participate here.

Build Games with Web Technologies

With Alexa Web API for Games, you can take advantage of your knowledge of existing web technologies to create high-end voice based games with HTML/CSS/Javascript or 3D experiences with WebGL. You can build a custom Alexa skill that starts a web application (web app). The web app will be displayed on the device and can communicate with the skill to handle voice requests and react to local events like the microphone opening and closing. Customers can interact with the web app using a variety of modes such as voice through the skill, touch on devices with touch screens, and remotes on Fire TVs.

Ticket to Ride, Masamune’s Room, Lemonade Stand, and Goal Scorer are game skills that were built using Alexa Web API for Games:

  • Ticket to Ride (UKUSFR) and Ticket to Ride Europe (UKUSFR): New companion game for the popular Ticket to Ride board game by Days of Wonder. You can ask Alexa to provide interactive tutorials, keep score or even play the game with you.
  • 政宗の部屋 (Masamune's Room) (JP): Based on the mobile game Ikemen Sengoku: Romances Across Time, Masamune’s Room is a life simulation game from Cybird, Inc. You can experience living with Japanese Sengoku warlord, Masamune Date.
  • Lemonade Stand (DE): Business simulation game from Krögoor Entertainment that allows the customer to run a lemonade stand and make business decisions every day. You can play the game in single player mode or with up to eight people.
  • Elfmeterschießen (Goal Scorer) (DE): Sports game that lets customers enjoy the excitement of a soccer penalty shoot-out as if they were playing against the best teams at the World Cup.

Alexa Web API for Games will be supported on Echo Show devices and select Fire TVs*. If you want to build visual experiences that can reach all Alexa multimodal devices today, use the Alexa Presentation Language (APL).

Developer Preview Details

Developers in the preview will have access to the Alexa.Presentation.HTML interface and the Alexa JavaScript API. To be considered for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You want to build a game or game-like experience that ensures that voice is the central mode of interaction in the player experience and adds to the experience in a material and innovative way.
  2. You are willing to support your game on Echo Show devices and Fire TVs.
  3. You are willing to provide a fallback experience for devices that don’t support Alexa Web API for Games.

Please follow the Alexa developer blog to get the latest updates regarding Alexa Web API for Games.

Apply for the Developer Preview

You can apply to participate in the Alexa Web API for Games developer preview by telling us about your game in this short survey, and we’ll notify you if your application is selected.

*Alexa Web API for Games will be supported on Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote, and Fire TV Cube.