Join the ASK CLI Beta, Now Open Source

Leo Ohannesian Aug 30, 2019
Tips & Tools News

We’re excited to announce the open source release of the new ASK CLI on GitHub. As an open source tool, anyone can now contribute new features and improvements to the ASK CLI. The new version of the CLI will also have support for AWS CloudFormation, so you can now manage your entire skill infrastructure from a single file.

Contribute to the new ASK CLI

Starting today, the source code for the new CLI is available on GitHub for anyone to contribute. For now, we are releasing the new version of the CLI in beta. Learn more on how to get started and tell us what you think on GitHub.

Deploy your skill’s infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation

In addition to many under-the-hood improvements, the new ASK CLI now makes it easier than ever for you to manage and deploy your skill’s infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation. With CloudFormation, you can define and deploy your skill with just a single file, enabling you to easily version, share, and scale your infrastructure as code.

When you create your first skill with the beta version of the CLI, you are now given the option of using CloudFormation to deploy your skill. This will provide you with a starter CloudFormation template that includes the most common components for building a great skill experience, including an AWS Lambda function and a S3 bucket. If you are more experienced with CloudFormation you can also provision SageMaker, Personalize, or any other AWS resource supported by CloudFormation with ease.

Learn more on how get started with the ASK CLI on GitHub at