Gain Insight Into Your Skill’s Lifecycle with Skill Enablement and Account Linking Metrics

Mohit Mittal Oct 25, 2018

Today, we added skill activation metrics to the Analytics tab on the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Developer Console. Skill activation metrics, including details about skill enablement and account linking, help you gain insights into your skill’s lifecycle, so you can quickly diagnose and correct skill activation errors that might cause customer friction with your skill.  

Use Enablement and Account Linking Metrics to Improve Your Skills

These new skill metrics help you monitor customer drop-off from skill enablement, to account linking initiation, to account linking completion. Low account linking completion rate reflects the friction account linking offers to your customers. When you then make changes to your skill, you can use these newly exposed metrics to correlate improvements in your skill’s account linking experience with account linking completion rate.

Now you can use the following skill activation metrics:

  • User Enablements: Total number of users who enabled the skill.
  • Total Account Linking Users: Number of users who enabled the skill, number of users who initiated account linking, and number of users who completed account linking.
  • Total Account Linking Events: Total number of account linking initiations and account linking completions.
  • Account Linking Completion Rate: Percentage of successful account links. Calculated as total account linking completions divided by total account linking initiations.
  • Account Linking Initiations Per User: Average number of account linking initiations per user.

how to use alexa skills

You can find information on skill activation metrics and other skill metrics in our Analytics documentation for flash briefing skillscustom skills, and smart home skills. And you can check out the new metrics in the Analytics tab on ASK Developer Console. We hope you’ll leverage the new metrics to better understand your skill enablement and account linking, and evolve your skill over time.

Additional Account Linking Resources:

  • If you currently use account linking to collect customer profile information, we recommend you use  the Customer Profile API
  • If you need account linking only for specific intents, or if your skill includes meaningful functionality that does not require the linked account, we recommend making using optional account linking
  • To learn more about account linking, check out the Account Linking Overview