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Alexa Connect Kit Resources

Alexa Conncet Kit (ACK) is a managed service by Amazon that enables developers to easily connect and manage their IoT devices to Alexa. The ACK service leverages a 3rd party module with ACK software embedded on your device, providing connectivity to the ACK Managed Cloud services and Alexa.

Alexa for PCs

Why Build with Alexa Connect Kit?

Alexa helps you delight your customers, increase customer loyalty, and reach millions of Alexa users. Here are just a few of the reasons customers love using Alexa with their PCs. 

Managed Service

The ACK cloud is built and managed by Amazon on a Secure IoT instance. You don’t need to create or manage a cloud service, write an Alexa smart home skill, or develop complex networking and security firmware.

Best-In-Class Features

ACK devices can take advantage of best-in-class Amazon technologies included at no extra charge, such as Frustration Free Setup and Amazon Dash Replenishment.

High Quality Experiences

ACK-built devices will automatically meet the cloud service reliability requirements necessary for Works with Alexa (WWA) and Certified for Humans (CFH) certification, building customer confidence your products work seamlessly with Alexa.


Alexa Connect Kit Offerings

ACK enables more certain business planning with a low per-device fee - as low as about $4 per device; you purchase the Amazon-managed ACK hardware module from one of our partner chipset suppliers and then a pay separate low, upfront fee that covers your ongoing use of the ACK cloud service for the device. As a result, you don’t need to worry about unpredictable cloud infrastructure and usage costs. When you build devices with ACK, you get the benefit of:

What is Included Alexa Connect Kit
Other Solutions
Device connectivity module and hosted cloud infrastructure
Included fleet management & over-the-air updates
Added cost
Eligibility for Alexa marketing programs

Use Alexa app for onboarding with Frustration Free Setup

Complimentary device and fleet analytics

Added cost

Pre-qualified Works with Alexa (WWA) requirements

Pre-qualified Certified for Humans (CFH) requirements

Integration with Dash Replenishment Services

Additional Work


ACK Development Kits

The ACK development kit and getting started guide enable you to quickly set up ACK-based connectivity and Alexa voice control. Once you have a prototype working, you can integrate the ACK Device SDK with the Host Microcontroller (HMCU) of your choice, or use one of the ACK HMCU development kits to speed up your development.

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