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Alexa Connected Devices

You can build smart home and other products that customers can control from millions of Alexa devices with just their voice. Expand your device’s capabilities with Alexa to create delightful experiences for lights, switches, thermostats, cameras, locks, and more. Plus, your Alexa-connected devices continue to become smarter with Alexa’s growing list of smart home capabilities and features that leverage Alexa’s cloud intelligence, making it easier for you to deliver rich, delightful customer experiences for all your devices.

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Why Build Alexa Connected Devices?

Delight Your Customers

Enable customers to control your devices with their voice and expand your product’s features with Alexa’s machine learning and automation capabilities.

Grow Your Business

Sell connected devices to the millions of Alexa customers, and increase your product’s exposure by certifying your devices with the Works with Alexa badge.

Choice of Connectivity

Build with a range of software and hardware solutions. You can connect your device to Alexa in the cloud, locally, or directly on your hardware.


Go Beyond Voice Control

When you integrate with Alexa, you let customers to do more than control your devices with their voices, such as enabling automated experiences, and making device setup and replenishment easier with Frustration-Free Setup and Dash Replenishment for Alexa.

Automated Routines

Customers can use Routines to set automated experiences based on time-of-day and triggers.

Alexa Hunches

With Hunches, Alexa can proactively act based on your customers’ usage, like reminding customers to turn off a light before going to bed.

Smart Home Groups

Your customers can add your devices to Groups to control multiple smart home devices with simple commands, like "Alexa, lights on."

Easy Device Setup

Enable Frustration-Free Setup to make setting up Alexa smart home products as easy for customers as opening a box and powering on a device.

Automatic Reordering

Make shopping disappear by automating the reordering of batteries, coffee, filters, and more using Amazon Dash Replenishment.


Connect Any Device To Alexa

With our developer tools you can connect virtually any device to Alexa, from lights and thermostats, to coffee makers and cameras. You can find resources to get started with common Alexa smart home devices types below.

Lighting, Switches, & Plugs
Kitchen Devices
Door Locks
More Smart Home Devices

Get Inspired by What Others Are Building

Arlo Voice-Enables its Smart Cameras

By integrating with Alexa, Arlo could enable its customers to access any video feed by voice—even when their hands are full.

Wyze Labs: Smart Cameras

Works with Alexa helped Wyze Labs grow sales even faster by expanding both their online and offline footprint, while delivering a great experience to their customers.

Haiku Home: Smart Ceiling Fans

Big Ass Fans (BAF) felt voice was definitely the user interface of the future. BAF customers can control their smart ceiling fan - no wall switch or mobile app required.

Next Step: Start Building

View our development options and learn how to start building today.

Work with a Solution Provider

Work with experienced solution providers, such as Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), System Integrators, and more to help you accelerate developing and launching new Alexa-based products.

Build It Yourself

Select from a range of development options to connect your devices to Alexa. No matter which option you choose, you can take advantage of our documentation, tools, and developer forums to help you on the way.  

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