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Go To Market – Execution Guidance

Customer Journey

In order for customers to enjoy the benefit of Alexa on their speaker and soundbar product, Alexa branding and messaging must be integrated across marketing assets. Building on our experience with many different Alexa products we recommend focusing on the 3 steps below, and the messaging in this playbook is designed to help you with each step along the way.

Step 1

Create awareness of Alexa and land the benefits of voice on speakers and soundbars.

Step 2

Deliver a simple Out of Box Experience (OOBE) that guides the customer through Alexa setup.

Step 3

Educate customers on Alexa features and functionality post purchase.


Driving Awareness Pre-Purchase

To drive awareness of Alexa on Alexa built-in Speakers and Soundbars, you can use branding and messaging at point of sale on physical displays, on detail pages and digital banners, social media posts and in retail sales person training.

Integrated messaging is available here

Execution Checklist :
  • Include Alexa as a top 3 message across marketing materials.
  • Mention Alexa or Alexa Built-in with copy and/or Alexa Built-in badge.
  • Highlight customer benefit through copy and/or utterance.
  • Create familiarity by highlighting core voice benefits in retail demos, owned and operated web materials and in social media.
  • Consider dedicated retail kiosks.
Alexa in Social Media

You are encouraged to mention the #AskAlexa hashtag in social media posts. Amazon does not use the #Alexa or #Echo hashtags in our social copy and we ask that you avoid those as well. 

bose social media
Alexa social media

Out of Box Experience

To make it easy for customers to identify if Alexa is available on your Speaker or Soundbar, leverage packaging and on device messaging.

Integrated messaging is available here

Alexa Quick Start Guide

We recommend including a physical Alexa Quick Start Guide inside your product’s packaging. This guide should communicate the value of Alexa and help customers understand how to get started with Alexa.

For an approved-for-use example, download our reference design.  

Setup and Authentication (first-run experience)

Alexa Setup and Authentication screens must be included in your device or companion app’s first-run experience. These screens communicate the value of Alexa and help customers connect your device to their Amazon account.

For design requirements and Alexa Setup & Authentication guidelines, you can also read more about our AVS UX Design Guidelines

Sample Execution Packaging
Asus Lyra packaging
Execution Checklist :
  • Include Alexa Built-in badge on box at equal size to other logos, include Alexa messaging on back of box. 
  • Highlight the benefits of Alexa through messaging and utterances in the instruction booklet contained within the device packaging. Consider adding an Alexa Quick Start guide or incorporating the Alexa Quick Start content in your user guide.
  • Highlight the benefits of Alexa during the device set up experience and prompt customers to try Alexa by providing utterances.

Post Purchase

Post purchase notifications (email and app notifications) will continue to remind the customer of the additional value of Alexa that comes with their speaker or soundbar. 

SAMPLE EXECUTION : Emails, App Notifications, Product Detail Pages
Execution Checklist :
  • Use your owned and operated website to prompt registration or highlight new functionality.
  • Build app notifications to prompt registration or highlight new functionality.
  • Integrate Alexa messaging in post purchase nurture emails to highlight additional features and nurture additional Alexa usage.

Launching Internationally

For each locale where your product will launch, follow these guidelines:

  • When launching your device internationally and creating localized assets, do not list any services that are not available to end users in a particular country, or are not available on your device in that country. Please refer to the AVS for International page for an overview of countries where the Alexa Service is currently available, and for a list of accompanying services (e.g. Amazon Music) available by country.

  • For assets, including non-English languages, use the localized copy as outlined in the How to talk about Alexa section of the Developer Portal.

  • All localized assets referring to Amazon Alexa need to be approved by Amazon, even if Amazon has previously approved the English version of such assets.

  • If your product is a global product, you are required to use the following messaging to ensure customers understand that Amazon Alexa is not currently supported in all languages or countries:

    • For global product packaging, use this statement: “Alexa is not available in all languages and countries, Alexa features and functionality may vary by location."
    • For use on online product detail pages, use this statement: “Alexa is not available in all languages and countries. Alexa features and functionality may vary by location.”
    • For any off-Amazon marketing assets, including retail display, use this statement: “Alexa is not available in all languages and countries. Alexa features and functionality may vary by location.”


Marketing Opportunities

As you launch your Alexa Built-in product, we recommend participating in the following marketing activities.

Sell your products on

If you’re not yet selling on, sign up with Seller Central.

Paid Opportunities 

Use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), a self-service, pay-per-click targeted ad platform to drive awareness and traffic to your detail page. For this paid opportunity you must be an Amazon vendor. To sign up, access Vendor Express. Then log in to Amazon Vendor Central, find the Advertising tab, and select Advertising at Amazon

Promotional Tools

Vendors can action their own vendor funded price discounts, Amazon Best Deal, and Lighting Deal promotions on products they are selling on through Vendor Central. To use these tools, log in to Amazon Vendor Central. Under the Merchandising tab, select Promotions.

  • Note: All deals need to be submitted four weeks prior to the desired run date. Please check the complete tutorial for more information. 

Marketing Review and Approval

All marketing materials, which include but are not limited to press releases, packaging, retail fixtures, websites, Amazon product detail page content, TV campaigns, and videos that reference Alexa must be sent to the following email addresses for written approval.

Alexa Built-in Approvals (US/Global, Non-EU/JP) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (EU) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (JP) :

Alexa Built-in Approvals (IN) :

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