Alexa Built-in Smart Speakers & Soundbars Messaging Playbook

Alexa Built-in Smart Speakers & Soundbars

Alexa Overview

Alexa Built-in

What is Alexa Built-in?

Alexa Built-in refers to products that have an integrated Alexa experience on first run, and do not require an Amazon Echo device or any other Alexa Built-in device for Alexa to work. Products that qualify as Alexa Built-in may use the Alexa Built-in badge on marketing materials, including product packaging, online placements and marketing collateral, in accordance with guidelines.

To qualify as Alexa Built-in, a product must, meet security requirements, pass certification, maintain a favorable customer experience, and use the latest API functionality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Alexa app required for smart speakers/soundbars to work?

Yes, customers must download and have the Alexa app.

Will all Alexa features work on my speaker/soundbar?

Not necessarily. This is dependent on what functionality you have implemented and when new Alexa functionality is rolled out for third party use. It is important you adjust any description of Alexa with your device to reflect actual capabilities for the device. All available features will have gone through the Alexa Voice Service certification process and should be known by your development team.

How do I represent Alexa’s verbal answers in marketing materials?

Test Alexa’s response to ensure you are representing an accurate response. It is OK to create a summarized response when it will provide a better customer experience.