Amazon GameOn Features

Amazon GameOn is a cross-platform, competitive gaming service for developers that enables leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions. Developers can also engage their communities by rewarding players with digital prizes and real-world prizes fulfilled by Amazon. The GameOn APIs work globally and on any operating system, device, surface, or screen size.

The GameOn features and capabilities are described in the following sections.

Individual and Team Tournaments

In individual competitions, each player competes for prizes based on their individual scores.

With team competitions, you create and manage groups of players who participate in team competitions. Team scores determine which teams win prizes. Learn more about Teams in GameOn Teams.

Tournament Types


Encourage repeated sessions with leaderboards. The GameOn standard leaderboard format gives players a specific number of “lives” or “tries” to achieve the highest score they can while playing the game. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition will be crowned the winner.

Multi-Round Tournaments

Engage fans longer with multi-round competitions. Top players in each round advance to the next round of gameplay. The winner of the final round is becomes the reigning champion.


Rather than ranking players based on a score within a game, rank players by the number of wins (or any other metric) over a given time period. Award top players at the end of each league.

Reward your players with in-game and real-world prizes

Prizes create a stronger incentive for players to participate in your competition. The potential to receive physical prizes in addition to digital ones will delight your players and keep them coming back. The best part is that Amazon will manage all prize fulfillment.

Keep competitions fair and fun

We designed GameOn with fun and fair competitions in mind. GameOn gives you the flexibility to define entry requirements, such as geographic location, device type, player skill level, and more. We have also included fraud and abuse detection to protect your competitions from suspicious player activity.

Easily create competitions with the GameOn console

The GameOn console is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to ensure that everyone, including your marketing team and community managers, can manage competitions. In your GameOn console, you will be able to create competitions, determine who can participate, assign prizes, and end competitions. We have also made it easy to schedule recurring leaderboards and competitions.

Technical Information

The GameOn system is powered by a set of micro services built on the native AWS platform. Developers can integrate the REST APIs into their game to take advantage of the services, while maintaining complete control of the gameplay and UX from their Apps. Since all of the functionality is accessible through these APIs and we do not rely on a client component such as an SDK, there are no restrictions on the development platform (Unity, XCode, Android Studio, etc.), operating system (iOS, Android, Fire OS etc.), surfaces and screen sizes (Mobile, Desktop, Console, TV).

Developers are able to create, manage, and monitor competitions through a self-service developer portal, and then call the various APIs to display available competitions, have players participate in the competitions, submit the scores of their gameplay, and redeem digital prizes. Currently, physical prizes are available only in USA.