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Developer Console

Step 6: Add Content Rating

This page describes the Content Rating tab:

Highlight on the Content Rating tab

Use the Content Rating tab to define a content rating for your app. All apps published to the Amazon Appstore must adhere to the Content Guidelines that are described in Amazon Appstore Content Policy. If Amazon determines that an app contains, facilitates, or promotes content that is prohibited by these guidelines, Amazon will reject the app submission or suspend further distribution of your app and notify you at the email address associated with your developer account.

Rating categories

You're asked to rate your app's content in the following categories:

Subject Matter:

  • Violence
  • Cartoon Violence
  • Drugs
  • Nudity
  • Sex
  • Intolerance
  • Profanity
  • Academic

Additional Information:

  • Account creation or other personal information collected
  • Advertisements
  • Target audience for your app (0-12, 13-15, 16-17, 18+ or any combination between these age groups)
  • Gambling
  • Location detection or Location-Based Services
  • User Generated Content or User to User Communication

For clarity about any category listed here, see Amazon Appstore Content Policy.

How Amazon processes your content rating

Based on your selections here, Amazon assigns a summary maturity rating to your app and then displays that rating on the app detail page. Amazon reserves the right to assign maturity ratings for your app at its discretion.

If Amazon determines that an app contains, facilitates, or promotes content prohibited by these guidelines, Amazon will reject the submission.

Note that content ratings for published apps can only be changed when submitting a new APK.

How Amazon uses the target audience question

In addition to filling out the content rating questions, you must provide additional details about your app's target audience. Depending on the target audiences you select and the countries where you intend to distribute your app, you may be required to comply with Amazon’s Child-Directed App (COPPA) Policy.

Amazon does not typically use the responses to the Target Audience question to determine an app’s maturity rating or availability. However, based on your responses you may be asked to submit additional information during the review process.

Audience Policy Compliance
Apps designed for children (0-12, or 13-15 in some marketplaces). If the app's primary audience is children, you must comply with our Child-Directed App (COPPA) Policy.
Apps designed for mixed audiences, including children. If the target audience of your app includes children, you must comply with our Child-Directed App (COPPA) Policy, unless you confirm a child is not using your app.
Apps not designed for children (only intended for ages 16 and above). The app must meet Amazon’s broader Content Policy Guidelines.

Best practices

Only select age groups for your app’s target audience if you have confirmed your app is appropriate for those audiences. For example, select both adults and children if your app is designed all ages, not only because you want your app to be available to all users.

Providing documentation for IP use

If your app uses the intellectual property (IP) of a third party, you might be asked to provide documentation of your license or IP rights to Amazon in order to list your app with the Amazon Appstore. This documentation must be either a confirmation letter from the IP rights holder with a formal signature or a copy of the applicable license agreement. Amazon will contact you during the app submission process to provide this documentation in a way that associates it with your app.

Screenshots of license agreements are not considered valid documentation for this requirement. You can also provide your documentation to Amazon in the form of a PDF file.

If you're contacted for IP validation, send this documentation as an email attachment (not embedded images) to with a reference to your app submission, package name, and developer account. We will need this information to associate your documentation to the correct app submission and then pass it to the appropriate team for review.

Privacy policy requirements

If your app collects personal information from end users, you must supply a privacy policy that will be displayed to end users on your app's product detail page. See Personal Information Guidelines for more detail.

Next steps

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Last updated: Jun 09, 2022