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RESTful API Changes

Get all updates since specified checkpoint

Changes API (Sync)  

This API lets you keep up with the changes in a customer account. Calling getChanges periodically will give the delta of the previously known state and the new state, which are instructions on how to update your local state to match the cloud state.

Method Http Request Description
get POST : /changes <td>Sync changes

The contract of the API guarantees that all updates that have occurred since the specified checkpoint will be returned (subject to pagination). However, updates that occurred prior to the specified checkpoint may be returned. The client can determine that it is up-to-date when the service returns no new updates. If no checkpoint is passed in it will stream the changes from the start.

POST : /changes

Body Parameters

checkpoint optional A token representing a frontier of updated items.
chunkSize optional The number of nodes to be returned within each Changes object in the response stream.
maxNodes optional The threshold of number of nodes returned at which the streaming call will be ended. This is not intended to be used for strict pagination as the number of nodes returned may exceed this number.
includePurged optional If true then it will return the purged nodes as well. Default to false.

cURL Request

curl -v -X POST
--header "Authorization: Bearer

Sample JSON Response

HTTP /1.1 200 OK

"checkpoint" :
"reset" : true,
"id" : "kuVKiKs46qQsI88sOVJFyI"
"name" : "Camera"
"kind" : "FOLDER",
"version" : 1,
"modifiedDate" : "2014-03-07T22:31:12.173Z",
"creationDate" : "2014-03-07T22:31:12.173Z",
"labels" : ["ALBUM"],
"createdBy" : "ApplicationId1",
"parents" : ["ck4m_aTyBFy7lvbjilLgWs","sd58qqlW9yqXaFHRG-zCLH"],
"status" : "TRASH",
"restricted" : false
"id" : "MVHdLnwCJYU8svQbVDPvxQ"
"name" : ""
"kind" : "FILE",
"version" : 1,
"modifiedDate" : "2014-03-07T22:31:12.173Z",
"creationDate" : "2014-03-07T22:31:12.173Z",
"labels" : ["ZIP File"]
"description" : "All My Data".
"createdBy" : "ApplicationId2",
"status" : "TRASH"
"restricted" : false

Ending JSON - client should check if received ending JSON to decide to resume or to finish.

{ "end" : true }

Response codes

Code Description
200 OK. Account setup or TOU updated if already setup.
400 Bad input parameter. Error message should indicate which one and why.
403 Forbidden


If you have any questions, see the Developer Forum.