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Building an Amazon Drive file explorer


The Amazon Drive sample app is a simple file explorer. The app enables a user to sign in and view the contents of their Amazon Drive starting from the root folder. The user is able to push into subfolders and pop back out. The contents of a folder are loaded automatically, paginated, and can also be pulled to refresh and sorted by either name or date. The user is able to preview files of various types and share the files using a document interaction controller. The user is also able to swipe to delete folders and files.

sample files folder
sample files video

Getting the Source

The source for the sample file explorer app is included with the Amazon Mobile App SDK or the Amazon Drive SDK for iOS.

  1. Download and unzip the Amazon Drive SDK for iOS.
  2. Locate the source for the sample file explorer app in the ACDSKitSampleApp directory at SDK-iOS/iOS/AmazonCloudDrive/1.0.0/samples/ACDSKitSampleApp

The entire project is documented using appledoc. For more information about a class, property, or method, just option-click in Xcode.

Running the Project

You are able to build and run the project in order to test it out and start exploring the source code.


If you have any questions, see the Developer Forum.