Developer Console

Brand Guidelines

Your app and the Amazon Drive brand

The Amazon trademarks and logos designated below are available for your use in promoting the integration of Amazon Drive with your app in accordance with the Trademark, Brand, and Marketing Guidelines, including the requirements listed. The following guidelines will help you use Amazon Drive in your app and with your marketing efforts.

Naming your App

You’ll need to provide us the name of your app when creating your Security Profile in the Developer Portal to obtain your client id.

The name of your app should:

  • Include the name of your app,
  • Not include registered trademarks of Amazon, and

  • Not be similar to Amazon Drive, Cloud Drive, or Amazon Cloud Drive.

You will have an option to upload your logo in the Developer Portal. This logo will show up in the App Gallery (if you would like us to market your app) on the consent screen when customers agree to grant you permission to access their content to read and/or write, and the Manage Login with Amazon page where customers can remove your app from having access to their account. Uploading your logo to the Developer Portal creates an all-around better customer experience. If you change your logo or other important information that we have on record, make sure to keep it up to date.

Using Our Brand

You can use the Amazon Drive name and logo to allow customers to login to their account and for marketing materials, as long as you follow our branding guidelines when using our logo or name. You can download the logo here and use it in your site or app without pre-approval from Amazon, provided you do not make any modifications. For any further questions please contact us.

Preferred Logo Usage

White Amazon and blue Drive on black backgrounds.

black logo

Black Amazon and blue Drive on white backgrounds.

white logo

You can also use solid white or solid black Amazon Drive logos for other backgrounds.

gray logo

Amazon Drive Color Palette

These are the preferred Amazon Drive colors.

brand colors

Spacing Considerations

Use clear spacing with half of the height of the logo as space around the logo. The size of the logo needs to be 30px high at minimum.    

logo spacing

App Icons

Use rounded corners on icon when necessary. If the logo is placed on a white background please add a 1px stroke around the icon for definition. The color of stroke needs to be #dfdfdf.

You can download the Amazon Drive icon for your app.  


Do’s and Don’ts

While using our name use “Amazon Drive” with each word capitalized. Do not use “Amazon Cloud Drive,” “AmazonDrive,” or “ drive” while using our logo. Make sure to keep Amazon Drive logos and icons the same proportion when resizing them for your app.

Other uses of our logo are not allowed:

Do not use an image or patterned background.

no patterned background

Do not use "Drive” only or the cloud shape above the words.

no drive only

Do not use “Amazon” only.

no amazon only

Do not use in the logo in a sentence.

no sentence

Do not outline the logo.

no outline

Do not change the color of the logo.

no color change

Do not squish the logo.

no squish

Do not use part of the icon or put it into any other shape other than original.

no partial icon


If you have any questions, see the Developer Forum.