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All-new Fire TV experience: Improved content discovery and personalized recommendations

Mario Viviani Dec 21, 2020
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As of December 2020, Amazon Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen) and Fire TV Stick Lite have a new user interface (UI) for improved content discovery and expanded voice navigation with Alexa. The updated UI focuses on getting customers to their favorite content faster with a new “Home” destination and now allows up to six user profiles, so they spend less time searching for your app and enjoy a more personalized Fire TV experience.

New Main Menu and Home views

Main Menu is now at the center of the Fire TV experience, offering customers quick access to the most-frequently-used items such as Find, Live, Library, and Settings in addition to their favorite content, apps, and channels. The updated Home view now organizes content for customers with personalized recommendations for TV shows and movies based on their viewing history.

How to discover apps? The new Find feature

The new “Find” destination offers users the “Appstore” category where they can browse Amazon Appstore and download apps right to their Fire TV device.

Improve app discovery and user engagement

Customers can now move and pin their favorite apps to the navigation bar and even scroll over supported apps to get a quick peek at what’s inside. When customers linger on a supported app within the navigation bar, they will see a new function called “app peeks”, a view dedicated only to the content provided by that specific app, including recommended content.

No functionality from the previous Fire TV experience will be lost due to these updates, so no changes or additional maintenance is required from developers for compatibility with the new UI.

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