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Announcing Amazon Merch on Demand

Mike Hines Sep 30, 2015
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Today we announced Amazon Merch on Demand, a new self-service program designed to help you increase revenue through the sale of branded t-shirts designed by you and produced, sold and shipped by Amazon. With the print on demand service, you sell only the t-shirts your customers want to buy.  You never have to worry about inventory or out-of-pocket costs.  For every t-shirt sold, you earn a royalty.  The more t-shirts sold, the higher the royalty is.

To get started, simply set-up your Amazon Merch on Demand account, upload the artwork for your t-shirt, and push submit - Amazon takes care of the rest.  In a matter of hours, your custom t-shirt is available for sale worldwide on 

Amazon Merch on Demand allows you to delight your players and convert them into advocates for your game.

Here is what developers are saying about Merch by Amazon:

“We can poll our Facebook fans for t-shirt ideas on a Monday and be selling it on Wednesday.  This is a ridiculously fast turn-around and lets us give our players exactly what they want.”
- Bryan Mashinter, Director of Backflip Studios, the creators of DragonVale

“For developers who specialize in mobile games, Merch is the ideal partner to sell merchandise.”
- Sebastian Coppola, Director at Etermax, the creators of Trivia Crack

"We know how to make games really well, but retail and merchandising is not our core business.  Working with Amazon really helped get us out there."
- Bryan Davis, SVP Big Blue Bubble, creators of My Singing Monsters

With Amazon Merch on Demand, you can give your players a fun new way to interact with your brand and take your fans to the next level.

Getting started Is easy: From art to T-shirts in one day
You can start in the morning, and have t-shirts with your artwork available for sale on an product page before the end of the day. To get started, follow the 4 steps outlined below.

Step 1: Create your T-shirt
Start by going to the Amazon Merch on Demand Dashboard and uploading your finished artwork. This can be an icon, a logo, or art from your game. If you like, you can use our templates available here to create your finished artwork.

Step 2: Set the list price
With Amazon Merch on Demand, you earn a royalty on every t-shirt sold. Your royalty is based on the list price you set less Amazon’s cost and a small listing fee. To make it easy to set the list price, we’ve created a calculator to help you determine your royalty per shirt. Just type your list price into the calculator and your royalty per shirt will automatically be calculated.

Merch Calculator

Amazon Merch on Demand Royalty Calculator

As Amazon’s expenses go down, we pass the savings on to you. This means, as t-shirt sales increase your royalty percentage increases.  To learn more about how royalties are calculated click here.

Step 3: Create your account
You can create a Amazon Merch on Demand account in minutes. When you submit your design, product details and pricing, you will be asked to create a Merch by Amazon account. You don't need an Amazon Appstore Developer account to participate, but Amazon Merch on Demand does require a seperate account set-up. To create a Amazon Merch on Demand account, input your contact information and banking details to enable your royalty payments to be directly deposited to your bank account (as available by banking regulations). You can use this same account to create new t-shirts in the future.

Step 4: Promote and sell your T-shirt
Amazon can help you sell your t-shirts two ways. After submitting your design and creating an account, Amazon will create a t-shirt product page on for each design you submit. For your customer, it’s like buying any other product sold by Amazon, with existing customer benefits like Prime shipping.  This product page makes it possible for you to add links directly to your t-shirts on your own blog, web site, email, social media, or any other online medium so you can drive traffic directly to your t-shirts.

The Product Page for a Amazon Merch on Demand t-shirt

The Product Page for a Amazon Merch on Demand t-shirt

Get started with Merch by Amazon:
Create your custom t-shirt and have it available for sale worldwide in just a few hours. Here is what you need to get started:

  • A desire to promote your app and support your biggest fans
  • A 15x18in, 300DPI piece of artwork
  • A bank account that will receive direct deposits for t-shirt sales
  • Click here to get started with Amazon Merch on Demand

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